Les outils que la terre préfère
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Located in the heart of Wallonia, s.a. CUYCKENS is a family business specialising in the reconditioning, adaptation, maintenance and sale of agricultural equipment. If we have now become an essential player in our region in the distribution of tractors, combine harvesters and other agricultural equipment, our activities are currently on a much wider than regional scale.

A little history

The CUYCKENS adventure started in 1979. Then, Willy Cuyckens, a young electrical and mechanical technician with an enthusiasm for agricultural machinery, moved to Cras-Avernas, a rural village forming part of the Hannut municipality, between Brussels and Liege. In the heart of the fertile lands of Hesbaye, agricultural activity is everywhere and his varied metal products and technical improvements ensured the young entrepreneur the loyalty of a customer base who were looking for innovation.

In 1986, the business moved out of its first installations, which had become too cramped. The choice was then made to remain “in the heart of the land”. So it was at Cras-Avernas that the new buildings were erected.

A second life for used equipment

The performance and technology of agricultural equipment are progressing at an impressive rate. However not all users necessarily need the latest equipment and they can also have other investment priorities.
The purchase of used equipment can then appear the correct solution for those who want to equip themselves with high performance machines for a reasonable investment.

s.a. CUYCKENS has understood this perfectly. Here, used machines pass through the expert hands of our technical staff, who will thoroughly renew them to give them a second life. There is no question of being content to refresh the external appearance to delude the amateur eye. On the contrary, here tractors and machines are minutely inspected in our workshop and all problems that are found are repaired so as to guarantee to the buyer equipment in perfect working order with which he can work for a long time without concern.
It is also not uncommon to profit from this overhaul to “upgrade” the tractor or machine by fitting it with equipment that was not yet available when it left the assembly line.

Our company strong points :

• There is no doubt that the most important is our technical team. The experience and training of our engineers and electrical and mechanical technicians allow them both to recondition used equipment and to adapt new or used machines to specific user requirements. A visit to our workshops really does offer added value to the machines that benefit from it.

• Multilingualism: At CUYCKENS, we are able to welcome you and work with you in seven languages (French, Dutch, English, German, Spanish, Polish, Russian).

• The central position of Wallonia at the heart of Europe is also not a negligible asset. We have also obtained full value from it by setting up our own transport service that is able to carry the largest equipment bought in complete security to numerous European countries.

• Finally our excellent market knowledge allows us to find precisely the tractor or machine that the customer is looking for. This knowledge also allows us to adapt varied equipment to the specific requirements or each region. From the South of Spain to the ramparts of the Urals, local production conditions are in fact very variable (soil, climate, crops...). We therefore do not hesitate to undertake a complete transformation of the machines. So, on a combine harvester, it is not uncommon that we fit a concave of our design or that we modify the shaker grid, etc... Our components are made in our establishment.

Our customers know that at CUYCKENS, they will find a perfectly reconditioned machine, equipped to their wishes and precisely adapted to their working conditions.

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